XL Product Photography

XL product photography presents unique challenges due to the sheer size of the items. It requires not only experience but also precise lighting and often specialized styling to effectively showcase the product. Handling such large items can be complex, frequently necessitating additional services like interior design to complement the photographic setup.

At our studio, we specialize in XL product photography, backed by a comprehensive portfolio that speaks to our expertise. You can trust us to deliver images that not only highlight your product but also demonstrate its practical use through various shots and perspectives.

Like all product photography, XL photography offers different shots that reveal various aspects of your product, showcasing its functionality and design.

Individual shots

A shot of your product (with a white background) clear and lightful.

a big black sectional couch sofa

Lifestyle shots

Shots of your product being used.

Detailed shots

A close up view to highlight specific product features.

Moody shots

Shots that shows the product in natural environment and be used for advertisements and social media.