Fashion Photography

Fashion photography includes a big variety of different styles of shooting.

The most common various fashion photography types you can choose, and we offer are:


Fashion Photography

This type of commercial photography is all about simplicity. Its primary goal is to sell clothes to consumers. It features minimal styling to bring focus on the outfit.
Think of catalogue fashion as any other product photography you see in magazines. The only difference is there’s a model present in the image.
Catalog photos often feature a plain background. The most common colors you see are white and gray. But sometimes, photographers also use neutral colors to make the product pop.
Another characteristic of catalog photography is the lack of props. Every once in a while, you’ll see a small item or even a chair. But in most cases, the background is bare.
The poses in catalog images are also more straightforward. Models often stand straight to ensure the entire outfit is visible.
Every once in a while, they position themselves in a way that shows the different features of the item, such as pockets or zippers.


It’s a combination of catalogue with lifestyle photography.

A lookbook is a way to show people different ways to wear clothes. Instead of a plain background, it often features an authentic location. Doing so allows people to imagine what they’d look like in everyday situations.

Fashion brands often use both catalogues and lookbooks when marketing their products.

Street Style

Street style photos often look like regular portraits or paparazzi shots. It is like to take photos as the moment happens, reportage shots.

What makes it different from other fashion photography types is its sense of spontaneity. Pictures have movement, models don’t take poses and are perfect for Brand’s Social Media.


This term refers to a series of images that shows the glamorous lifestyle involved in wearing different fashion brands.
In a way, a fashion editorial is like reading a story but through visuals and not words, and this is the difference between a lookbook and an editorial. A lookbook doesn’t involve a story. A character (the model) acting out different scenes.
Fashion editorials revolve around a theme.
Editorial photography also often involves several brands. Ideal for online shops with many brands.