Clothing Photography

Our professional clothing photography experience make us sure about your satisfaction. At Blue Mandarin, we are passionate about delivering quality clothing photography, helping many high-end brands to bring their garments to life.

Our experienced team of photographers & retouchers offer a variety of options for your fashion photography requirements. Whether you need the images for your online shop, print, magazines or e-commerce, we’ll ensure we provide quality clothing photography that showcases your products perfectly of real commercial value.

We take great care to make sure each of our clothing photography images are perfect; we steam and carefully style every garment to ensure your garments will always look fantastic. Finally, the last steps in post-production give the photos a high-end gloss look.

We offer different types of product photography :

Ghost shots

(invisible mannequin photography)

The result is a lifelike image that keeps the focus firmly on your product.



Additional images of the same product at a different angle.

Hanging clothing photography

(one or group of items)


Hanging apparel is used to show products at eye level. It’s budget friendly and is faster than the other techniques mentioned above.

Flat Lay

(one or group of items)

Products are photographed from above, giving a top down view.

Model Photography

(catalogue pictures)

Clothes on models in white background ideal for catalogues.